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See the important documents to get all the information about what’s going on in the platform.

Project Documents
Download Title Description Status Contact
Logo package FRAME NEXT Official Logo of FRAME NEXT Published
FRAME NEXT Factsheet FRAME NEXT in a nutshell Published
FRAME Quickstart Guide It gives a short introduction and important information to the FRAME architecture V5 Published
FRAME NEXT Leaflet FREAME NEXT Leaflet The FRAME NEXT Leaflet gives a short introduction to the FRAME Architecture developments. Published
FRAME Architecture Tool - User Guide FREAME Architecture Tool - User Guide The FRAME Architecture Tool User Guide explains the process steps to archieve an own architecture and the usage of the FRAME architecture. Published

See event related documents and presentations.

Events Documents
Download Title Description Status Contact
Frame NEXT at ITS Poland 2019 Presentation: Enabling MaaS in Europe -
evolution of the FRAME Architecture in
the FRAME NEXT Project
ITS Europe 2019 - Paper FRAME NEXT – Current status and future
plans for the extension and enhancement
of the European ITS Framework Architecture
ITS World Congress 2019 -
Technical Commercial Paper
ITS Framework architectures as tools for
modern transport systems in a networked
society – the FRAME NEXT project
TRA2020 - Poster Presentation The FRAME NEXT project: an ITS Framework architecture as
reference for building a single point of access to transport
data in Europe
Crocodil 3 Logo Crocodile 3 - Technical Workshop CROCODILE 3, FRAME NEXT and OJP4Danube joining forces for a combined workshop Published
ITS Virtual Congress 2020 ITS Virtual Congress 2020 FRAME NEXT – The new and extended European ITS architecture tool Published

See the software releases of the FRAME architecture and FRAME NEXT extensions.

Software Releases
Date Title Status Contact
02.04.2021 FRAME_Architecture Tool V5 The FRAME Architecture Tool V5 based Enterprise Architect file (*.eapx) and contains the following three packages: Frame Repository, NAP Reference Architecture and eCall Reference Architecture, all of which are in DRAFT form. The FRAME NEXT project is continuing to develop model improvments and additional Reference Architectures for other ITS Services. As a result of this work the content of the three packages included in this EA file may be subject to change. Any such changes will be documented so that users can understand how any ITS architecture they have created for their own use may have been affected. Any ITS architecture created from a previous version of the FRAME Architecture, e.g. Version 4.1 or earlier, should not be affected and remain valid.
23.09.2020 FRAME_V5_DRAFTVERSION.eapx This Enterprise Architect file (*.eapx) contains the following three packages: Frame Repository, NAP Reference Architecture and eCall Reference Architecture, all of which are in an earlier DRAFT form.
23.09.2020 FRAME Toolbox V0.9 DRAFT The FRAME Toolbox is currently under development. Futurechanges may result in model changes too. It contains the stereotypes and objects which are used in FRAME.