FRAME NEXT is a project that extends the European ITS Framework Architecture, in short FRAME, with the activities of the different member states in Europe, with the priority areas concerned by the ITS directive and with the methodologies and tools that make a modern ITS architecture attractive and appealing for its users. At the same time project partners from ten active EU Member States and Norway contribute their current developments and best practices and share their experiences with other stakeholders from public authorities and industry.

FRAME NEXT is a project that extends the FRAME Architecture with the activities of the different member states in Europe, within the priority areas of the ITS directive (Directive 2010/40/EU) and with the methodologies and tools that make a modern ITS architecture attractive and appealing for its users.

FRAME NEXT project has three main phases of work: State-of-the-Art Analysis, Evolution Cycle, and Dissemination and Outreach.